The Marin Academy Voice: To serve as a forum for student voice; To present issues fairly

 Journalism in a democracy celebrates people’s noblest achievements while at the same time stands on the conviction that it is absolutely essential not to ignore the challenges of human experience. Light is brought to the darkness of human suffering whenever a community is allowed to examine its weaknesses as well and it strengths.

The Marin Academy Voice, a forum for student expression, is free from faculty or administrative censorship and prior review. All staff members are involved in the writing of articles. The Voice was established in the fall of 1990 in order to serve as a forum for student opinion, and to present issues fairly. Any student enrolled at Marin Academy may contribute to The Voice. Staff members are comprised of students who are taking Narrative Nonfiction. These students receive English credit for one semester of Journalism.

The purpose of the course is to teach students the basics of journalistic reporting, writing, editing and production. Students learn how to produce a professional, school-focused, and thoughtful newspaper, with coverage of issues that are not only important to the student community but for the surrounding one at large.

The adviser or teacher serves as a “coach”, never doing the work for the students, but supporting, critiquing, and helping to structure each step of the process. Instruction is on an individual as well as group level.

Staff members are dedicated to producing as clean, professional, and ethical a publication as possible. They strive to present all sides of an issue, and represent the community’s stories fairly, even if it differs radically from their own.