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Has a Snapple and Hacky Sack Become a Guayaki and a Computer?

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High School. Some look back on high school as the glory days of their past while others couldn’t be happier to put that part of their life behind them. As a current senior, I myself am looking forward to what is beyond the circle but there will be many moments that I will miss. How will Marin Academy change in the next 20 years. What teachers will still be here? Will the go to spots for free block and off campus lunch be the same? So I decided to take a look into the past and the now.

Moriah Buckley graduated Marin Academy in 1994. While at MA when she wasn’t chasing trails with her teammates on cross country team, Buckley could be found sitting under the tree by the theater. Buckley pulls her long dark hair behind her ears as she begins to reminisce on her 15 year old self. “ I was in a club that is basically like peer resources but you would put your name down on board and would sit on a bench under the trees by the theater. People would come and talk to you about things, anything; eating disorders, anxiety, friend issues. Specialists would come and talk to us. We learned how to not be an expert but to be an educated listener.” As Buckley talked about her high school self, I started to realize that she continues to be an educated listener and person to reach out to now.  Buckley is the go to person in the college council office for any and all needs. She welcomes students with her warm smile, confidence and makes the space that would be terrifying, tranquil and laid-back. Buckley calm and collected manor follows her through her continued passion of running as a cross country coach and recognizable face in the halls.

The conversation shifts from her role at MA then and now to her go to spots in the San Rafael area. Buckley gently smiles and  explains how Marin Bagel was a great place for a snack and how confusions, a Chinese restaurant on 4th street was one of her favorites.  

Taylor Tan, the legendary MA math teacher, laughs as I remind him of the infamous Marin Bagel. “Oh yeah the bagel shop.” He welcomes me into his classroom and excitedly being talking about his high school times. Tan graduated MA in 2006, but returned to campus just 8 months after graduation to coach track. Since then, in just  12 years Tan has experienced the dramatic changes of Marin Academy. On of the largest differences of where people hang out. The circle was the spot. “My whole time here every break was get a Snapple get a muffin and play hacky sack in the circle. Even when it was raining people would hang out in the circle” The outdoor emphasis has now lost some of its  popularity. The Snapple and hacky sack seems to almost have become a guayaki and a computer.

Many people on campus have started to realize the shift in places where people spend their time. MA has made drastic changes to the campus in the past couple years, yet the most popular spots are often inside. Kenya and Julianne both members of the class of 2019 mention the change in environment. Julianne “People don’t appreciate the campus, nobody’s ever on the redwood deck, or the field or the garden, people spend too much time indoors.  We need a culture change.”

So what will MA really look like in 20 years. Will people continue to come back for the supportive and welcoming community? Will the circle and outdoor obsession come back? Will there be new buildings in place of old ones? What will the graduating class of 2050 value? 

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Has a Snapple and Hacky Sack Become a Guayaki and a Computer?