JT on the Young Homeless Community

May 23, 2017

“Now that I don’t have money, my lifestyle is a completely different scene.”  JT Stewart has perceived the world through two entirely different lenses.  Growing up happily in Los Angeles, Stewart moved to the Bay Area as an 18-year-old with promising hopes as a construction worker; however, he struggled to get steady work due to his young age.  “Especially if you’re union, the younger you are as a construction worker, you don’t stand a prayer.  You’re the first to get laid off.  It’s harder to get help as a younger person.  For example, I can’t get SSI or food stamps.”  As a 23-year-old man living without any money or a home, JT has certainly witnessed multiple sides of the economic spectrum.  Furthermore, he assured me that there are quite a few other young homeless men in the community.  “There are a lot of homeless people under the age of 25 in this area.  Many of them worked in construction as well.”  

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